Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do the Needful

I am going into my 3rd NYC office week and I realize from my last post that I need a serious attitude adjustment...I should be sketching away right now but I am tapped out, my friends. My creative juices are dried up. My joyful spirit is growing weak and the office politics and frantic energy of this place has taken it's toll. My team is coming down with nasty colds. They sit in front of their computers puffy eyed and dazed. I bought them fresh squeezed orange juice in an effort to say, "I acknowledge your weak states and hope this offering of immunity boost will keep you here until we finish these projects." It's bad. I should be sending them home and saving us all, but instead I bought a 200 pack of Emergen-C to push us through. I have also upped the caffeine factor significantly in the past 2 weeks. This has turned me into a total spazz. For instance, the other morning I was listening to my Ipod, jacked up on caffeine and just feelin' the beat. I bounced up the subway stairs, rockin' out a little on the inside, and busted some odd move on the final landing and just popped my leg right out of the socket and broke down to a deep limp for a good 7 blocks. Okay, so maybe I didn't exactly pop it out of the socket BUT I'm still aching in that joint area a week later.
It's just a hectic life that I chose and there was a time when I was in it to win it. Something about living in Italy has just made me soft. I can't entertain the crazy narcissists I once shrugged off with a giggle. Maybe it's my pasta habit. I haven't had a dish of pasta for lunch since I've been here. It's strictly 15 dollar salads and diet cokes. I miss bitching about lazy post office employees and scoring free dinner with my drinks...
OH, and about doing the needful...I have a friend who works with India often. They sign their emails, "Do the needful" meaning, there are a list of things that need your attention: attend to them. Just do it. Do the needful.

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