Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping Up

I love Itunes because it gives me a direct link to the sensory pleasures of the states. The 2 greatest things it has to offer are absolutely FREE! These being RADIO and PODCASTS. Radio is so old school yet such a wonderful thing to have when you have exhausted your playlists and yearn for that element of surprise. Itunes categorizes stations by musical tastes and even gives you a brief description of each station. Letting me have a day of classical or changing it up for a disco day.

Now, the Podcasts are endless. I have yet to scratch the surface. I download: The American Life (out of chicago,) , NPR (frm NY) and This Show Again ( which stars comedian Tom Kelley (a friend and my former VP of LI Lutheran High School!). You can subscribe to these casts and they'll download automatically to your Itunes. It's good company and good listening THOUGH, I am finding keeping up with actually listening to all the episodes is getting difficult. It's hard to actually LISTEN to them while I'm working so I pause and save for a time when I can focus on listening a bit better. I have to say, they are back logging on me! BUT I figure I will catch up on the left overs on my long plane ride back to the states this weekend.

Speaking of which..I am somewhat dreading the trip. It has been nice to be home here in Florence for more then 2 months, a record since I moved here!


This Show said...

You are a riot. We should do a Daniela interview via skype!


Jessica_in_Rome said...

I love iTunes as well! I am happy I can keep up on all the American tv shows, since Italy runs like 2 years behind! Welcome to blogging! I will be sure to add you to my daily reading!

Dodina said...

Thanks Jessica! I have popped into your blog quite a few times as well. Good reading!