Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things that Bite

WHAT is with the mosquitoes that NEVER seem to go away? I wake up with bites EVERY morning. I have to remember to plug in that gadget that burns those blue discs to stink those suckers away (and probably poison me, oh so slowly all the while). It's maddening. I finally found an Italian living thing that finds American eats more delicious then Italian.

Second thing that bites: The plane ride back to NY. I am in complete denial that I am leaving this Sunday for over a month! Being back in that NYC office, back in the cold, back to spending too much money on dinners and drinks (though, I have to say Florence is just not that much cheaper). I spend so much time in my house, I don't even know how to dress myself anymore. It doesn't help that I have spent the past 2 weeks eating whatever my heart desires. All my pants are feeling a bit snug. This is bad because I find in my line of work, everyone is much more adoring towards you when you are looking slimmer. That is an awful thing, I know, but it's the truth my friends. The welcome is much warmer when the hips are swingin' with that trim grin.

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This Show said...

Can't wait to see you when you're in NY.